School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory
School Scents: Rekindle A Memory

School Scents: Rekindle A Memory

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School Scents: Rekindle A Memory

Our brand new range of nose-talgic candles will bring those fond memories of your school-days wafting back. The perfect present for a teacher in your life or to bring a friend or family member back to the good old days of primary school.

School Scents | No. 20: Wet Paper Towels
Headache? Stick a wet paper towel on it! Grazed knee from the playground? Wet paper towel! Broken arm? Hold a wet paper towel to it while we call home.

This scent has all the mystical healing properties of the wonderful wet paper towels you remember from the school nurse’s office. The epitome of love and care, light this candle to soothe any situation.

School Scents | No. 10: Lost School Jumpers 

This candle has a soft and conditioned scent with a hint of frustration and confusion to keep you on your toes. Does it smell like yours or does it smell like James’ from Y3?

We’ve emptied out our lost and found bin for these unique and personal scents and they are truly something special.

School Scents | No. 05: Cold Tea
Working long hours? Tea gone cold? Not again! We wanted to pay homage to hard-working educators with this nostalgic scent.

Perfect for the teacher in your life who is ‘burning the midnight oil’ marking books long into the night. Heat your tea back up with this friendly warming scent sure to remind teachers that they are heroes!

School Scents | No. 14: PE Kits
What smells like plimsolls and, when mixed with a healthy helping of perspiration, takes you back to getting ready for that all-important game of rounders on the field?

This candle is sporty, active and a must have item every Tuesday and Thursday period four. Warning, forgetting this candle may result in an after-school detention. ‘I must remember to bring my PE kit, I must remember to bring my PE kit.’

School Scents | No. 02: The Pain Of Lost Glue Lids
This scent was designed to sympathise with the sticky situation of collecting the glues in only to find that the lids are gone! The pain of crawling under tables looking for elusive lids is something we felt deep in our soul.

Light this candle for all the teachers out there currently searching under the cabinets with torches.

School Scents | No. 00: Tears Of An Ofsted Inspector
In collaboration with the right-honourable ‘Apprentice’ star Karren Brady, we have created this sharp and salty scent to remind Ofsted who’s boss.

Perfect to light when feeling disheartened after a visit from an irate inspector, this candle is sure to bring a smile to your face and remind teachers to keep going when times get tough. 


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