We're here to help those who teach. It's what brings us to work every day.

At Twinkl, we’ve been providing educators across the world with high quality, trusted teaching and learning resources for over a decade now. They’re all written and checked by our wonderful team of experienced educators, and there are hundreds of thousands of resources to download, with new ones added daily.

If you’d like to dive straight in and explore, a Twinkl account unlocks a curriculum-wide library of over 900,000 resources, all available 24/7 and bursting with essential (and some not so essential!) teaching, planning and assessment materials.

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Want to know more about what makes Twinkl, Twinkl? You’ve come to the right place - keep on reading for a rundown of our story, values, and what we’re all about:

The Twinkl Story

Twinkl began life in 2010, in the back bedroom of a Sheffield home. It all started with a simple dream - helping those who teach.

Founders Jonathan and Susie Seaton realised there weren’t enough accessible, reliable and high-quality teaching resources out there. Susie was a teacher back then, and like lots of other educators, she often had to spend precious time making her own materials. It was clear things could be a lot simpler.

So, they got to work, Twinkling away in the evenings and on weekends, putting together teaching resources at home alongside their day jobs. By making these resources just once and sharing them with the education community, Twinkl could free up time for educators and help them focus on what really matters - teaching our children.

Twinkl has come a long way since then. From humble beginnings at home in Yorkshire, we’re now a global leader in education resources (it still feels weird saying that!). We’re not done yet, either. There’s still lots of work to do, loads of educators to help, and we’re always finding ways to improve.

Why We Do What We Do

We're here to help those who teach. It's what brings us to work every day.

We think educators everywhere should feel empowered and equipped to teach to their best. So, we set out to do everything we can to help...

Since we moved out of our bedroom office, our team’s a lot bigger than it used to be. Now, we provide entire schemes of work and curriculums, printed and digital resources, mobile and web apps, educational games, tools and so much more, all crafted with care by experienced educators.

Education is for everyone, so our resources are accessible to all, no matter who you are or where you teach. You might even find we’ve got what you need, before you know you need it.

Helping Educators Everywhere

Born in the city of steel, now prized worldwide. Twinkl’s travelled a long way (across land and sea) since its humble beginnings.

We now support educators in over 200 countries and regions, including the UK, USA and Australia. Our local teams are passionate about creating resources tailored to the national curriculum where they are, and helping educators stay connected and supported.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, we were able to create specific resources for 51 different countries, create resources in 85 languages and, on average, translate 600 resources a month. We want each of our members to feel totally supported; able to walk into any setting, anywhere in the world, and create those special lightbulb moments. It’s all possible with Twinkl in their toolbox and, with the help of our teaching community, we want to get better at helping educators rise to every challenge.

Teacher created content that you can trust

Reliable and quality content, from human beings just like you.

What does 'proudly human created resources by Twinkl' mean? It gives you confidence that our resources are all created by experienced educators and subject specialists…

We take pride in having a team of experienced educators to make our downloadable resources, online games and apps. In the age of AI technology, there’s no substitute for human knowledge, reasoning, and empathy in creating educational resources for the classroom.

That's why we use this stamp on our content, so you can be assured that you are accessing 'proudly human created resources by Twinkl' that you know you can trust.

Our Sheffield Roots

Yorkshire born and bred.

We’re proud of our roots here at Twinkl. We were born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, a city steeped in a history of innovation, industry and culture...

Sheffield has helped to shape who we are - it’s a vibrant, friendly and inclusive city that’s packed with exciting opportunities and always nurtures innovation, so we’re proud to call it our home.

Sheffield is surrounded by nature - after all, it’s the greenest city in the UK. With the stunning Peak District right on your doorstep, you can’t help but feel connected to the outdoors here. Sheffield has always influenced our love of nature, and we’re on a mission to support sustainable living on a local and global level, helping to look after our planet as best we can.

Known as the Steel City, Sheffield is also famous for its cutting-edge approach to industry, with Sheffield steel seen as the hallmark of quality. We’re inspired by this spirit of innovation, and want to channel the same approach in our work, using our expertise to support local growing businesses and give something back.

Our Values

  • Lead the Way

    In 2019, we launched Twinkl Hive, our startup accelerator hub. We started Hive as a way to provide support to emerging businesses and help revolutionise education technology.

  • Do the Right Thing

    We’re passionate about creating positive change through learning.

    Our resources are used by millions of educators and children worldwide, so it’s vital they’re representative of the diverse and multicultural world we live in.

  • Be Lovely

    We’re firm believers in supporting you so you’re able to support those in your care.

    We’re in the business of helping educators, and that means more than just resources and worksheets (although we’ve got plenty of those too!).

  • Go Above and Beyond

    We’re experienced educators creating an ever-growing library of resources and tools.

    Twinkl was co-founded by a teacher who felt there should be a simpler way to access resources, and we’ve always felt strongly that experienced educators should be at the forefront of what we do.

Want to Know More?

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