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Twinkl Rhino Readers - The Emperor's New Robes (Level 5b)

Twinkl Rhino Readers - The Emperor's New Robes (Level 5b)

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The Emperor is a vain and selfish leader. He spends his days dreaming about his elegant costumes. Will he ever become a wise leader?
This Rhino Readers book is perfect for reading after Twinkl Phonics Level 5, Week 20.

wh, 'y' saying /ee/, au, 'c' saying /s/, 'ph' saying /f/, ew (screw), ew (stew), 'g' saying /j/, 'ow' saying /oa/, 'ea' saying /e/

Common Exception Words:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, brother, please, friend, any, more, laughed